Second Lawrenceburg Trip

Wednesday, November 27, 1907

We left here Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock. Margaret, Jessie May, Fanny, Corinne and I. It certainly was a lovely party and I never was quite so excited. We had to wait at the depot about half an hour and in that time we changed our college caps for our hat. Mr. Will Lillard was at the depot so we had a chaperon all the way. When the train pulled in Jessie May and I seated ourselves in the "smoker" and were having a big time when Attila walked in. Sure was glad to see the boy. We all went back in the coach and saw Mr. Earn Ripy and Corinne introduced us to her cousin "Ike" Reed. He was awfully cute and proved to be quite the life of the whole party. I never did go thru' such a trip as the one we had. On account of a wreck along the line we had to stop every five minutes and when we got to Versailles they told us we had to get out and wait for the six o'clock train to come from Lexington.  We were some peevish but had loads of fun as we went uptown and bummed around. The boys bought us ice cream and coffees so we were a heap better natured than we might have been. We had to wait in Versailles till seven o'clock and when the Lexington train came found Bacon Moore on it. He was perfectly lovely and added greatly to the fagged out bunch. We finally got started but it took us till eleven to get to Lawrenceburg and we were due there at four. It certainly was an awful disappointment but we made the best of it. I was so excited when I got to Lawrenceburg I didn't see a soul at the depot but Mr. Lillard. He bundled Bacon, Attila, Fanny, Margaret and I into a carriage and drove us up to Mrs. Meriwether's. She was having a reception for us and by the time we got there everybody was about ready to leave. I never did receive such a welcome but I was such a sad looking mess, in fact we all were so I shot upstairs first chance. We fixed up our hair the best we could and then all of us went down. Everybody stood around the stairs as we came down and you really would have thought we were some wonders. I never did enjoy anything so much. We went into the parlor and formed the receiving line with Margaret at the head then me, then Mildred, Corinne and Fanny. I sure did seem dandy to see all the people I had met before and I was glad to meet some that I have always been so interested in as Allen Bond and Sidney Johnson. All Margaret's kin folks were there in their glory.  The people left shortly after we got there but the boys were to take us home. Bacon took me out to supper but I couldn't eat a thing as I was so excited. Will Dowling and Frank Ripy buzzed me while I was eating and that Frank sure can go some. Raymond was the only one of my old pals not there and I certainly did miss him. They wanted some music after we had supper so I played for Margaret to sing and then we chatted for a while before going home. Harry Carpenter drove me home and at first I was rather nervous as he was such a pill and liked to scare the wits out of me last year but we got along famously. Everything looked the same as ever at the Lillard's and Mr. and Mrs. Lillard are undoubtably the loveliest people I have ever known. They certainly are an ideal family and if only I could be like Jessie May and Margaret I'd be contented.

Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 28, 1907

Slept with Margaret and we got up bright and early. Had the best breakfast and then the bunch of us drove to town. Margaret had her dress tried on so we drove around until she was ready. The girls took Bacon up to the train and Jessie and I walked. We were running around the depot when who should we hurry into but Raymond. I never was so glad to see anyone but I was rather embarrassed. He did look so well and he certainly has grown better looking than he was last year. We made him get in the back seat and drive with us and we went for a dandy long drive. Saw Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Forest Ripy, Attila, John Dowling and Miss Lizzie. Glory it did seem natural seeing everybody and I'd give most anything to live in that little town. We went home about twelve and after a good old luncheon we loafed around all afternoon till four o'clock and then we began to dress for Mrs. Will Lillard's dinner. There certainly was some scurrying as we didn't think it would take us as long as it did. However, we were ready when the boys came as Sid was late. I went with Eddy Mountjoy, Margaret, Mr. Earn Ripy, Corinne, Mr. Frank Ripy, Jessie May, John Dowling Fanny, Sid Johnson, Mildred and Raymond. We had a dandy drive out there and dinner was ready when we got there. The table looked awfully attractive and I was pleased as I sat at the foot with Mr. Lillard. The men progressed after every course tho' but it loads of fun and gave you a good opportunity to talk to all the boys. I certainly am crazy about Sid but he wouldn't pay me any mind. Never did see anything like the case Corinne and Frank Ripy stirred up in such a short time. The dinner was perfect and I certainly did justice to it. After dinner we sat around and played games. Clap In and Clap Out probably being the most exciting and I had to kiss Mr. Lillard. We had a dandy pillow fight and it was all pretty much of a general rough house. I was as crazy about Raymond as I thought I was going to be but I guess it was my fault as I didn't put myself to be a bit nice to him. We all left about eleven and I never did have such a stupid time as I did driving home. Hardly said a word all the way home but I was so tired I could hardly hold my head up. Guess Eddy was too. Mr. and Mrs. Lillard are just too lovely for words and they certainly do make a charming host and hostess.

Friday, November 29, 1907

We were off to town as usual directly after breakfast. I got out of the carriage with Margaret to do some shopping and Sid and Harry Carpenter joined us while the other girls went driving. We went up to the train to meet Margaret's friend Susie Don from Louisville but her train was late . . .

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. . . the latter was the sweetest thing and he can just about have me. We didn't stay in town long but had to hurry home on account of the dinner. Dear little Mary Louise was with us and that child is a pet. When we got home we found the girls dressing so we had to hurry. Were all ready when the boys came and sat right down to dinner. Everything was perfectly lovely and it was the best dinner. We missed Frank Ripy however and were might sorry that he couldn't come. Those present: (clockwise at the table) Mrs. Lillard, Raymond, Corinne, Buell Seary, Mildred, Fanny, Sidney, Jessie Mae, Eddy, me, Attila, Susie, John Dowling, Margaret. After dinner we got our coats on and started. We were awfully excited as Harry Carpenter telephoned that they were holding the dance for us but he was only kidding only we didn't know it. I went with Raymond and began loving him again right from the start. There certainly is something mighty attractive about that boy only it doesn't seem to strike me but at certain times. When we got to the opera house I was just like a chicken without a head on and when the music began I sure was up in the air. The first half of the dance wasn't very exciting as we just danced with our regular partners but I had a dandy programme and Raymond couldn't have been sweeter. He is so thoughtful and was just perfectly lovely. Was nearly shot in the foot when I saw Ernest Marrs loom up in the distance and was never quite so shocked when he came over and shook hands with me and asked me to dance. Don't know how he had the nerve but I was game if he was with his wife sitting across the room. He gave me the usual line of jolly and tried to make me believe he wasn't married. At twelve o'clock we had intermission and we all went over to Miss Sally Spencer's for supper. I was so glad to see her and we had such a good time. Sid and I cut up like kids and I was perfectly rotten to Raymond. It makes me so mad that I am not decent to him when he is so lovely. We went back to the dance at 12:30. The others went in but Raymond and I walked around until they began dancing at one. Glory that man is sweet and I sure was crazy about him then. We began dancing at one and then the excitement began. Never did get such a rush. Allen Bond and Forest Ripy were grand to me and Harry Carpenter and Dr. John Gilbert gave me the rush of my life. I couldn't go half way down the floor with one before the other would break in. It appealed to me alright and I could die dancing with Harry. Whee that man is a prince. Bert Painter was awfully nice and Mr. Coulter from Louisville gave me a rush. Dan Moore was awfully nice and his friend Mr. Robinson. Dan is just like J.B. and Bacon. I sure did make me sick when we had to stop dancing. I wasn't a bit tired and could have danced all evening and thru' some. I sure am crazy about the breaking in stunt and I wish they would start it up north. Lawrenceburg people certainly are all to the good and the boys are the best ever. I believe I was crazier about Harry Carpenter than any of the others but I couldn't help it very well as I saw so much more of him than anyone else. I had a dandy ride home after we finally did got the horse. It seemed like we never would tho' as we had to walk up to the livery stable and then wait for the man to hitch up. I didn't mind tho' as I was just that much longer with Raymond and when I am alone with him I am perfectly crazy about him but when we're together in a crowd I forget all about him.

Saturday, November 30, 1907

I slept with Peg and was awake bright and early. Never felt the effects of the dance at all. Could hardly sleep at all tho' as I couldn't help thinking about everybody. We staid at home all morning as the girls were tired and Peg helped me with my Beta sofa pillow. After luncheon we got dressed for the taffy pull. We drove in and it was a perfectly miserable day, snowing like everything. Hardly anyone was at the candy pull and we didn't stay long. Met Forest Ripy and had a long talk with him. That man certainly is a prince. We went down to Miss Lizzie's and sat around the stove getting our feet warm. Frank Ripy, Bernard Griffy and Mr. Swan joined us. Later I went up and told Miss Sally goodbye then eight of us piled in the carriage and drove home. Never did see such a night. I closed my arm in the carriage door and it like to kill me. Never did suffer such agony but didn't say anything. After dinner we began dressing and before we were thru' Edmund Miller came. We went down as soon as we could but by the time I got down a whole bunch were there. Dr. Gilbert was there in all his glory and between he and Allen Bond I didn't get to talk to another soul the all evening. Attila, Eddy, john Dowling and Frank Ripy were the others that came. They all left about 11 but Edmund and he staid all night. Frank Ripy is undoubtably the funniest man I have ever seen and certainly the most entertaining one without exception. He sure is crazy about Corinne and it tickles me to pieces.

Sunday, December 1, 1907

Our last day and it only seems a minute since we came. We all got dressed for church after breakfast but Fanny and Jessie May - they went to Sunday School. Before we left Margaret's grandfather and grandmother came. They are the dearest folks and I was so glad to meet them. Mr. Lillard drove the girls to church and I drove with Edmund. Felt quite honored when Peg said I could. Church was nearly over when we got there but we didn't mind at all. Mr. Will Lillard met us after church and he and Sid drove me home. Never did have such fun. They are both the worst teases I've ever seen. After a perfectly grand dinner Edmund asked me to drive into town with him and I certainly did enjoy it. He left as soon as we got home and I was mighty sorry as I liked him fine. When I got home found a whole bunch there: Raymond , Buell Seary, Eddy, Attila, Mr. Witherspoon, Mr. Colter, Mr. Filand, Will and John Dowling and Ern Ripy. I sat by Raymond and had a nice chat with him for about two minutes and then Forest came and I was off in a bunch. Had only talked to him for about five minutes when Harry and Bernard Griffy came. Harry cornered me and wouldn't give me a chance to talk to a soul but I wasn't sorry, only he wouldn't even let me say goodbye civilly when some of the others left. We had the best talk and I got crazier about him every minute. It's well I wasn't with him much longer. He wanted me to go driving but that was against the rules. He staid until supper time and was about the last one to leave. I felt so badly about leaving I couldn't eat a bit of supper and Mr. Lillard drove us all in. I never did see such a bunch as was at the depot to see us off. Harry had me spinning so I hardly saw another person. I don't believe I even said goodbye to Raymond. I felt perfectly awful and I don't see how I ever did say goodbye to all those dandy boys without crying. Certainly do hope I'll get to see everyone of them again and as long as I live I'll never forget the grand time I had.  John B and Bacon Moore were on the train with us and they brought us up here to the school. We had a pretty good time but it was an awful sad bunch that crawled into bed that night. We certainly won't forget as no doubt we were forgotten.

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